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Pastor's New Book

The book above is an in depth study through the bible focusing on God's forgiveness and the atonement obtained through the shed blood of Jesus.

The book is now published and is in print . The price is $15.00 per copy and I will pay shipping and handling. Email Dr. Noel for details about how you can obtain a copy, or send $15.00 by money order to Pastor's book c/o Dr. Hoyt Noel Jr. 551 Mistral Way Forest Park, GA 30297.

E-mail Dr. Noel

The very latest information concerning the book can be had at the link below. You can find a short sinopsis of the book, a book review and with a little persevernce, you can even view sample pages of the book. You are one up though because you have a picture of the cover above and that is not yet available on the information site. Anyway if you click the picture "Prepare to Fly" it will take you there.

click here to see the latest information on the book