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Mission Statement

Somebody once told me that no good organization could exist without goals. These goals are put forth into a statement called the Mission Statement. I would like to publish a Mission statement for our church, listing the goals of this church also. Of course, some goals may change from time to time hopefully as they are realized, but some goals are part of the permanent mission of this church. That being said, the mission of this church is as follows:

1.First and foremost, the main mission of this church is to lead people to Christ.

2.Secondly, it is the goal of this church to "feed the sheep" (the saved believers) as Jesus required by providing exhortation, exposition, and love through God's word, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus Christ.

3. Thirdly there are some goals that hopefully will be realized, as the first two shall be ongoing until our Lord returns. For the moment, the following goals exist for this church:

A. To bring all the amenities of a regular physical church possible to the Internet. To have fellowship, Bible Study, Prayer, Sermons, and an active outreach to the community.

B. To by the grace of God and through His help, provide an affordable educational institution for Christians on the Internet, and through correspondence.

C. To acquire a building suitable for the holding of services, to have a physical congregation, and make all sacraments and services available to them.

D. To always be open to fulfill the needs of the Body of Christ through the ministering of the Holy Spirit.

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